Cesena through history and music

Of all the cities of upper Romagna, Cesena is the most secret.
(Sergio Zavoli)

Cesena, a city rich in history that traces its origins back from as early as the late Neolithic up to the Roman conquest in 268 BC which transformed it into small municipality, finds its zenith in the 1400s with the Malatesta.

Precicely to this family and subsequent heirs does this city owe its beauty and fame, and over time it has been able to charm even the most demanding of tourists with stylish trips that at same time are warm, just like the soul of Romagna.

Cesena’s heart is the Piazza del Popolo, where its centerpiece, the beautiful Masini Fontana grabs one’s attention, richly decorated with Baroque style symbols and figures.

From the square you one can see the Malatesta Fortress in all its grandeur, able to give us glimpses of the of the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

A key cultural reference point is the "Teatro Alessandro Bonci" (Alessandro Bonci Theatre), inaugurated in 1846: The opera house has a classic oval shape in the so-called "Italian style", the interior is tastefully decorated and combines maximum functionality with superb acoustics.

A visit to the Abbey of Santa Maria del Monte is a must, including its laboratory for the restoration of antique books and manuscripts.

And if you are a music lover, we will create for you a trip through music such as you have never seen or heard before. The Musicalia Museum, with over five hundred years of history, allows us to retrace the footsteps left by the ancient instruments in alleys, streets, and homes in which they were housed: on this tour we will take a step into the past, imagining our grandparents and great-grandparents dancing, playing these instruments in foreign lands, and why not, fall in love with the music of street organ.

Recommended for: scholars and enthusiasts of art and music; those who wish to examine more in depth the history of the local population of a territory.


“City” Package
Saturday and Sunday starting from 90.00 per person.
Overnight stay in B&B with breakfast included.
Option to stay in an agritourism or in a 3/4 star hotel.
Guided tours (Malatestiana Library and Musicalia Museum).
Dinner in a typical restaurant.
Tastings session of “our” Sangiovese in a a winery.
24-hour on-site assistance.

Group rates on request.