Waking up in the morning [...] if you immediately feel the need for food, it is sure evidence of good health and an omen for a long life.
(Pellegrino Artusi)

Have you ever seen the skilled hands of a Romagna ‘azdora’ at work, while rolling out the dough?

Flour, eggs, passion, lots of fun and some tricks of the trade. Things that can be revealed to you by the teachers and masters of the cooking classes organised by WelcomeRomagna. Romagna is the land of good food and immense culinary tradition: an invaluable treasure that has always been appreciated by travelers. You will be able to learn tips, tricks and secrets shown by the knowledgeable hands of the Romagnolo “azdore” in order to learn the typical local cuisine, whether you are already an expert or whether you still have little experience but love to put on an apron. Learning the basic preparations, the secrets of grandmothers, customs and traditions, creating a common thread through generations, tastings of local products, visiting wineries as well as meeting the producers, will thrill you.

WelcomeRomagna offers a “day time” proposal, valid also for the entire week, rich in ideas to surprise your guests with original dishes of the local tradition.

Recommended for: taste lovers, fans of Pellegrino Artusi’s cuisine, lovers of the Romagna tradition.


“Cooking Class” Package
Starting from €105.00 per person (minimum 8 people).
Overnight stay in B&B with breakfast included.
Option to stay in an agritourism or in a 3/4 star hotel.
Cooking Class (3-4 hours): raw materials and products from the territory, preparation, tastings, and cookbook.
Lunch or dinner tastings.
Dinner or lunch in a typical restaurant.
24-hour on-site assistance.

Group rates on request.