Dance Lovers

Go with Liscio and with uplifting music.
(Raoul Casadei)

In Romagna one begins to dance when small ...and never stops.

The tradition of ‘Liscio’ (Smooth), a fusion of waltz, mazurka and polka, end of 19th century, is renewed today in dance halls. A timeless foundation of this land, where having fun on the dancefloor is not only for the nostalgic, but also for young dancers, new aficionados. On the other hand, Liscio songs, with simple and spontaneous words, talk of love, friendship and family, imparting joy and passion as only the Romagna orchestras can do.
The history Liscio is the history of Romagna, and vice versa.

WelcomeRomagna has thought of an offer dedicated to lovers of this world: an interlude of light-heartedness and simplicity, to in the morning experience with a ‘smooth’ master, appreciating the history, techniques and secrets of the dance, and then continuing through to the evening by going to a typical Romagna dance hall, with live music and the joy of living.

Recommended for: anyone, dance enthusiasts, wishing to approach to a style that defined an era. In Romagna and more ...

Pacchetto “Go with liscio”
Saturday and Sunday starting from 100.00 per person (minimum 10 people).
Overnight stay in B&B with breakfast included.
Option to stay in an agritourism or in a 3/4 star hotel.
Dinner in a typical restaurant.
Evening in a dance hall.
24-hour on-site assistance.

Group rates on request.