Fumaiolo and Verghereto

Here is born the river, sacred to the destinies of Rome.
(Column at the source of the Tiper)

Verghereto is synonymous with relaxation, sports and nature. The mountains covered with beech forest, ancient forests, the clean air makes it an ideal place for relaxing and invigorating holidays. Here, nature invites one to move, to "feel good" and to "love oneself" at any time of the year.

In the Verghereto municipality you can admire one of the highest peaks and most fascinating of the Cesena-Forli Apennines: Mount Fumaiolo. From its peak and near the Pratone della Briglia you can enjoy a panorama that stretches to most of the peninsula, from the Adriatic Coast to the Tuscan hills (until Mount Amiata), from the Marche Apennine peaks all the way to the Umbrian hills and the entire northern Apennine ridge. On clear winter days, the snow-capped Alps are distinguishable with the naked eye and you can also clearly see the curve of the Adriatic Coast until the lagoon of Venice. Near its summit, 1268m, is the source of the Tiber, which, after passing through the village of Balze di Verghereto, continues to Tuscany. And right from the Via Marecchiese di Balze, begins one of the most beautiful mule tracks through the Apennines that reaches a spiritual place: the Hermitage of St. Alberico.

And lets not forget the culinary aspect of this area that sees many delicacies as protagonists, from Cocomerina pear to raviggiolo, from the “castagnaccio” (chestnut cake) to grilled tortelli as well as many others. WelcomeRomagna awaits you for an unforgettable journey.

Recommended for: those who like to find peace and quiet only a few kilometers from the city; those who love greenery, fresh air, unspoiled nature.


"Discovering the source of the Tiber and the Savio" Package

Saturday and Sunday starting from 85.00 per person (minimum 4 people)
Overnight stay in B&B with breakfast and lunch included.
Option to stay in an agritourism or in a 3/4 star hotel
Naturalistic walks with qualified guide
Dinner in a typical restaurant

Extras (additional fee)
Option to do excursions on bikes or e-bikes (even for those who are not regular cyclists)
Option of photographic trekking

Group rates on request.