Health and Wellness

A sound body in a sound mind.

Romagna is the ideal place for one to look after themselves.

With WelcomeRomagna you can enjoy all the comforts of highly specialized and cutting edge spas, offering treatments such as balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, and many services - massages, sauna, Turkish baths - for the health and harmony of body and mind. Without forgetting the more traditional therapies, such as cardiovascular and musculoskeletal. Today the spa is, in all effect, also a medical facility where technological progress and scientific research ensure highly efficiency treatment. The waters found in the Romagna thermal baths, thanks to their intrinsic qualities, help recondition the body and to naturally prevent and fight many disorders; rheumatic, respiratory, gynecological, dermatological, as well as metabolic and hormonal dysfunctions. All our facilities are part of the public health service.

Recommenden for: lovers of health therapies and spa treatments; people in need of medical care.


“Wellness” Package
Saturday and Sunday starting from €75,00 a persona.
Overnight stay in Resort - 4 star hotel with half-board.
Thermal path.
Entrance to thermal pool.

Group rates on request.


“Health” Package
Prices are defined according to personalized programmes, structured according to the therapeutic qualities of our thermal waters for the treatment of the following illnesses:
Programme and prices on request to meet your treatment needs

Group rates on request.