Photography Walk

Photographs can reach eternity through the moment.
(Henri Cartier-Bresson)

The magic of a click with WelcomeRomagna turns into reality.

We propose thematic tours to experience the technical and artistic interests found in the wonderful natural and cultural scenery of the Romagna area. You'll be able to meet new people who share your passion and take pictures with complete piece of mind and fully enjoy the experience. The WelcomeRomagna itineraries are thematic (urban environment, nature, art, sport ...) and include practical and theoretical courses under the guidance of professional photographers. You'll be able to have fun taking pictures, stopping not only the moment of the click, but also finding the time to develop your own personal interpretive vision: from the study of the subjects and framing, to the actual experimentation and application of the techniques learned along the way.
You'll return home with an additional travel experience, wonderful photographs and ...the desire to travel with us again.

Recommended for: travelers who are photography enthusiasts, lovers of "beauty" who wish to "capture" their memories, imprinting them to memory until the next trip.

Pacchetto “Cesena outdoor photographer” 
Saturday and Sunday starting from €95.00 per person.
Choose from:
- Photographic weekend in the Cesentinesi Forest and the Ridracoli Dam (minimum 8 people)
- Photographic weekend in Cesena and the surrounding hills (minimum 8 people)
- Photographic weekend on Mount Fumaiolo (minimum 8 people)
Overnight stay in B&B with breakfast included.
Option to stay in an agritourism or in a 3/4 star hotel.
Nature photography workshop.
Expert guide.
Dinner in a typical restaurant.
Tastings session in a a local winery.
24-hour on-site assistance.

Group rates on request.