Why choose us

Who we are

We are the first Destination Management Organization (DMO) for the Romagna Valley.
What does this mean? Basically, we have a thorough knowledge of the area where we offer travel and tourism itineraries; additionally, we are also located on the territory itself.

The territory of which we speak is that of Cesena and its valley, a reality rich in diversity that is wonderfully connected: the history, people, nature, and food bring a delightful flair that we from WelcomeRomagna want to introduce you to.

Our goal is to promote new routes for tourism, travel and experiences, made up of itineraries designed to understand and meet different desires, interests and travel needs. Because before being tour operators, we are also travelers.

Our added values
  • We want to pioneer,go the extra mile", by offering classic or revisited routes and involving as many people as possible (from young students to business travelers and also those who are simply seeking new destinations and experiences within Cesena and its Valley). Our proposals are aimed at both those who already know our territory and those who will encounter them for their first time.
  • We want to get you excited, offering themed tourist packages, itineraries lasting for a day or longer, thanks to which it will be possible to discover a "piece of Romagna" from a different perspective.
  • We tailor your trip to your needs customizing stages/stop overs, transfers, accommodation, activities: there are no limits, but only dreams to be transformed into reality.
  • We guarantee that you will travel with complete peace of mind and our local assistants will be on hand 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer excellent value for money: This way, you will be able to save on your entire trip!
Our services
  • Personalized travel experiences
  • Shuttle to and from Bologna, Rimini, Parma, Milan airports
  • Option to organize train-bus (from our fleet) combinations from major Italian cities
  • Connections throughout the territory
  • Car, bicycle hire
  • Partners certified by marks of excellence
Our fleet

WelcomeRomagna chose to turn to the Spighi brothers’ company.
All vehicles are equipped with reclining seats, more spacious than the standard, coated with hypoallergenic materials to offer passengers a space that is comfortable, elegant and relaxing.
Each vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, color TV, hi-fi stereo, mini bar.
We also have a bike trailer (max. 11 bicycles).

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Who we work with

Who we work with
WelcomeRomagna strength is that it is the reference point for all those who are interested in developing tourism in Cesena, the Savio Valley and its prosperity.

We are ideal for:

  • Tourists and hikers eager to know our territories.
  • All businesses in the tourism industry, those involved both directly and indirectly.

 We welcome you and invite you to travel with us in these rich lands.

An interview with the founders of WelcomeRomagna

How was WelcomeRomagna born?
Being from Cesena (Cesenati) and as entrepreneurs with over thirty years experience in the tourism sector, we realized that Cesena was never mentioned by the tourists who came to Romagna to spend their holidays and that our city had never even appeared in trade fairs

So, in 2015, we created a tourism project with the aim to promote our region. A synergy between Camilla and I was created, also professionally - we have been friends for a long time - and, adopting the motto that "unity is strength," we decided to create something that would contain, communicate and make known the beauty of Cesena and the surrounding territory.
Because Romagna is the sea - certainly - but not only.

Who do you cater for?
We cater for all travelers who would also like to discover a different Romagna and to all businesses in the tourism industry, with one goal: to increase the number of tourists in Cesena and its Valley, with proposals designed specifically to capture different interests within a geographical area that is rich in opportunities and of great beauty.

Why choose to travel with WelcomeRomagna?

  • We know the territory and, above all, we love it. We offer our professionalism and the ability to customize each trip and excursion. Moreover, pets are always welcome!
  • We guarantee on-site service 24 hours a day; we speak Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.
  • We create partnerships and value shared projects, in doing so, we make them unique, thanks to the world-renowned local businesses found in the area and through important collaborations like the one with "The Road of Wines and Flavours".

And speaking of flavours, in Romagna one eats exceptionallly well: we will allow our guests to discover or once again rediscover them! In short, we want you to fall in love with a place of which we have fallen in love with... we look forward to meeting you!